Dragon Age Journeys Game

Dragon Age Journeys Shows that Casual can Be Hardcore

Dragon Age is the medieval fantasy RPG for the modern age. Branching storylines, player controlled progression, in-depth party interaction all made the game series the success that it is today. The first game, Dragon Age: Origins is fun and in-depth, players who wanted more also have the option to play Dragon Age Journeys – a multi-part, turn based, tactical-style RPG that brings all the action of this great game to your browser. With its light delivery yet intense gameplay, this is definite must play for any fans of the series. For those of you not familiar with Dragon Age, this is actually a good way to get acquainted with the series.

Journeys packs in everything good about Dragon Age into a nifty little Flash game –it is not an ordinary game in terms of mechanics, but it still an easily accessible browser based app that anyone can enjoy. The best thing about this is that you can actually link it up with your official Bioware account to unlock freebies for other games (also, other Bioware games will unlock content for Journeys too). Storywise, it provides you with additional background information about the events that have unfolded before the Origins game.

Dragon Age Journeys starts you off in the first main map location that brings you face first with the Darkspawn: beneath the Dwarven city of Orzammar. The Deep Roads is one of the most foreboding locations of the main game, but it also plays host to a wide range of enemies all ripe for the slaughter. The only question is, are you ready to dish out some pain? The game throws you into a gauntlet of starter battles –providing you with that initial beginner’s course in learning the mechanics of the game. Compared to the main game, Journeys is turn based (the combat in the console games are in real time, with options for making commands while paused).

Your adventure, however, does not end with the dealing with the Hurlock Emmisary and its minions however. Journeys goes further beyond the Deep Road and allows players to move around the Dwarven city and talk to the locals, buy new items, and more. It basically simulates the full RPG experience, which is something surprisingly good about the game. The narrative is fun to read –this goes double for anyone who is a fan of the series. On its own, Journeys is a remarkable game to play; though the constant and heavy references to the fact that there is a greater story to be told is hard to ignore (which may be what the developers intended in the first place). If you do not have time to game outside of the casual web-browser based stuff, this will make you feel like you are missing out (and sadly, considering the content of the main Dragon Age games, you are).

The RPG experience that Journeys provides is very palpable once you start interacting with the NPCs. There are even 5 different achievements that completionists can aim for. Is the premium content worth it? Only for fans; those who are not attached to the DA storyline will find the investment a little underwhelming as Journeys is but a small part of a larger whole. For those who wish to understand the full story behind the scourge of the darkspawn and the plight of Ferelden, the additional content is well worth its’ weight in gold (or in this case, real life currency)

For those of you seeking something a little more fast paced than what DA Journeys and Legends delivers, then it is also worth noting that there is DA: Legends Remix, which is a 2D side scrolling hack-and-slash action game that is designed in the same style as the other two, but plays more like a high speed Castlevania-style slasher with a Dragon Age motif.