Epic War 6 Game

There’s nothing like the word ‘epic’ to inject an inflated sense of urgency and expansiveness to something that really isn’t all that urgent or expansive. The ‘e’ word is used all too often these days, often in relation to things that are ever antonym under the sun for epic; things like an Instagram photo of someone’s lunchtime sandwich or in relation to a photo album of someone’s night out. When anyone under the age of 21 uses the word ‘epic’, I immediately shudder and swiftly assume that the subject they are describing is anything but. This isn’t the case with the Epic War series however: these games are true to the definition of the oft-misused adjective. Side-scrolling defense action is the series’ mode of action, and epic truly is the nature of the battles, with waves of enemies entering battling against a huge selection of heroes, units, and spells used across a number of different levels of various campaigns. Epic War: Saga (aka Epic War 5) was an amalgamation of the previous titles and gave the game a multiplayer (PvP) dimension; the world is now dying for Epic War 6, so what could we, and indeed should we expect from it?

Epic War 6 – A collection of ideas pertaining to possible features and improvements to the sequel

More Of The Same

Before developers Art Logic go tinkering with the game’s format or changing anything dramatically, it must be stated that the game’s existing inclusions are pretty incredible and made the game very fun to play. The obvious step would be to include a wider selection of heroes in addition to those already present in the previous games, or even an entirely new selection of heroes for us to choose from. Though the straight-up battling nature of the game makes back story a little redundant, it would be nice to have some more comprehensive background on the heroes to add to their character a little. More spells would of course be another addition to Epic War 6 that would add more variety and give the player more to discover before even looking at changing the fundamentals of the game.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

One of the fundamental flaws of the game (though this could be perceived by veterans of time-consuming battles) is the sheer length of the battles. Now, lengthy battles in some contexts can be extremely entertaining, but because the game is essentially a 1 vs 1 with extra units, you can end up quite literally spending hours playing the game, after which the initially entertaining gameplay becomes a little monotonous and repetitive (even with the 2x speed option) since all you are really doing is repeatedly using spells over and over again and summoning units intermittently. The format isn’t the problem, but the amount of time required to actually get anywhere in the game by grinding for gold and crystals to spend on upgrades and advantages is unreasonable and would discourage any player looking for an immediately enjoyably and instantly rewarding game. Epic War 6 absolutely has to quicken the pace of the game in order to make it more accessible to new players, and to ensure the game remains enjoyable for longer than it takes for the novelty of the ‘epicness’ of the game to wear off.

Newtonian Problems

Problems of pace aside, the other issue is the physics of the game, which can often feel extremely jerky and just a little off at times. Whether this is an issue with slowed performance due to the sheer quantity of enemies on the screen or with the game physics doesn’t really matter, it simply needs to be fixed. Moving your character feels like a laboured experience and the feel of the attacks just isn’t quite right, so a tweaking of the physics and general movement mechanics in Epic War 6 would be much welcomed.