Knightmare Tower 2 Game

Knightmare Tower 2 - Recommendations and improvements for a high-flying sequel

Reaching for the Sky

Few launch games have the privilege of entertaining us for much longer than ten minutes before we get bored and put them down. Many are simply mediocre titles that sit comfortably in the genre with average graphics and some reasonable gameplay that simply doesn’t give you the urge to continue playing for more time than is absolutely necessary. You know when a flash game’s got you because those are the ones that force you to justify to yourself why you are spending just ten more minutes playing it, and also why you never got any work done today because you were too busy being addicted to this incredible launch game you recently discovered. Shopping Cart Hero is one such game, but Knightmare Tower falls more firmly in the category that causes the latter behaviour, and a sequel to this game is awaited with great anticipation. Here are just a few ideas and suggestions for improvements that would make the sequel much better than the first.

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Daily Grind

Firstly, it is in the nature of Knightmare Tower to require that you repeatedly play time after time in order to earn gold so that you can afford upgrades to various aspects of your launch such as your rocket and your weapon. The problem isn’t with the format, since it is extremely addictive, it’s just that the amount of grinding for gold required seems a little excessive at times. The game reaches a point where it becomes less about in-level skills and more about between-level upgrades and playing over and over again to be able to afford just one more increment to any one of the particular facets of your game. Knightmare Tower 2 shouldn’t switch up the format by any means, but the amount of repetitive grinding needs to be toned down just a little bit in order to stop tediousness setting at the later stages.

Playing Well; Looking Better

Visually, the original Knightmare Tower is a wonder to behold, with devilishly playful and cartoon-like illustrations featuring some comically ugly and pleasingly colourful enemies popping up on backgrounds of wonderful texture and variety. Knightmare Tower 2 could most definitely benefit from some minor tweaks in the graphics in order to make everything even more vibrant and unique. New enemy designs wouldn’t go a miss, new bosses, and a generally improved look could definitely make Knightmare Tower 2 the best game in the series yet. Perhaps a whole new roster of baddies with different sets of vulnerabilities and ways to make your altitude-climbing days a misery could feature in this sequel, making it an entirely fresh experience.

Milking It

I think most players will agree that the final boss was a little too drawn-out, with the game seeming to milk the whole thing until it becomes almost too frustrating to want to even carry on playing. Also, if you get to the boss and fail, you have to climb all the way up the tower again to face him, which is another huge turn off. The sequel needs to be a little more forgiving than this, letting you restart at a reasonable altitude instead of shoving you all the way back down to the bottom for you to have to grind your way back to the top again in a gruelling fashion.


It is becoming standard procedure for flash games these days to include the option of customising pretty much anything in the game, so maybe Knightmare Tower 2 should jump on this bandwagon, or at least pop in a toe to see if it likes it. Custom weapons, custom launch vehicles, even custom enemies would be a great idea and would make the game personal to whoever plays it.