• Diablo 3: The CrusaderDiablo 3: Reaper of Souls: Crusader

    As far as action-packed role-playing games go, it is pretty safe to say that the Diablo series has got the genre sewn up at the seams and with the expansion pack comes the crusader class - an unbending champion of divine faith and law.

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  • Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Paladin ClassSkyrim: The Paladin Build

    Even though there is no class system in Skyrim with the right combination of skills, weapons and armor, embodying a Paladin is in the realm of possibility, and we will show you how...

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  • Battle Heart Legacy: PaladinBattle Heart Legacy: Paladin

    In the game Paladins are stalwart warriors that can smite wicked foes. They are proficient in using blunt melee weapons and rely on Strength (STR), Charisma (CHA) and Endurance (END) for its skills in the class tree. For its offensive abilities, the class specializes in using the hammer.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2: A Unique Block Building Fantasy Game with Heavy RPG Elements

Dragon Quest Builders 2: A Unique Block Building Fantasy Game

There are not too many games that successful blend the building and RPG genres together. If we explore the list of building games available for PC and PS4 at buildinggame.net we are restricted to heavy RPG's with a light touch of base building, usually these are open worlds where building is just one of many side elements or quests within the game - think Fallout 4.

Therefore Dragon Quest Builders 2 like it's predecessor can be considered a hidden gem amoungst both RPG and building game fans. In online sandbox mode you can team up with three other players to build massive projects and structures.

Anyone not familar with the Dragon Quest series, a great place to start is at rpgsite.net whereby a handy beginners guide will walk through this rich and colourful RPG adventure series by talentend Japanese creator Yuji Horii.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 you build structures in order to help island inhabitants re-build their destroyed communities who have suffered at the hands of this evil cult. Of course block building is just one of the aspects of customisation, with character customisation also being a big feature within the game.

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