Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide

How to Get by in Fallout 4's Far Harbor

How to Get by in Fallout 4's Far Harbor

Are You Ready for Far Harbor?

Far Harbor boasts of a wide variety of locales, NPCs, quests, all new monsters, and of course, a completely brand new main questline for players to follow. Be warned, these have all been created with the intent of giving end-game Fallout 4 players new things to play with. As such, it is highly encouraged that players first try out the storylines that follow the three way war between the Railroad, Institute, and the Brotherhood before trying out the challenges of Far Harbor. In any case, you would definitely need to have had gotten to Nick Valentine before anything else. But it also pays off to have good weapons, armors, and maybe even a power armor ready before you make the trip.

Tip 1: Pack Smart

There are a ton of new items to be found and discovered in Far Harbor, so make sure that you do not bring your entire arsenal of weapons with you. Take your best heavy and light weapon (maybe a melee one if that's your thing) and keep the rest at your base. The same goes for armor and supplies. You will be finding a lot of new and interesting loot from this point on and the last thing you want to be is running out of weight capacity points to carry them all. Still, nothing beats a powerful weapon and tough armor, so make sure that what you do bring with you can dish out some punishment and also allow you to take it.

Weapons-wise, do not worry too much about ammunition as many NPCs in Far Harbor will give you plenty of chances to restock. As for stimpacks, radaways, drugs, and other things; keep it simple and neat. A few stimpacks can go a long way if you are careful enough. And you can always stock up from merchants.

Tip 2: Charm Your Way Through The Story

One of the nice things about Far Harbor is the large amounts of dialogue that has been written for it. And with dialogue comes charisma checks. These happena lot in the story so be sure to save a lot, bring items that will increase your charm, and try your best to talk your way through many of the problems that are presented to you. This is a great change of pace compared to the more cut and dry approach of the Sole Survivor storyline in the core game of Fallout 4. Sure there were also speech checks before, but when you compare that to what Far Harbor delivers, you get two completely different ballgames.

Listening to all the NPCs is actually worth it, and we highly suggest travelling a lot before pursuing the main quest. Some of the side missions are event-sensitive and will be locked out if you progress too much with the main questline. The whole point of Far Harbor is that you can get a lot of end game content to play, so there really is no point in rushing through the events.

Tip 3: Increase Your Stats

In this case, you need to do a lot of prep-work before heading to Far Harbor. Look for all the Pip Boy and get the bonuses. Pick out super lightweight clothes that boost your various SPECIAL stats. Max out as many passive stat increasing perks as you can get. If you can find the time to hunt down magazines, that will help a lot too. Many of the things you will do and encounter in the DLC will have you do stat checks before you even get to attempt anything. It may seem overkill at first, but when you reach the first few missions in the main DLC questline, it will all start to make sense. If worst comes to worst and you do end up being unable to access something, always remember that you can temporarily increase your stats with equipment or drugs.

Tip 4: Wear Your Thinking Cap

There are a lot of interesting and fun puzzles in this new area, as well as entire quests that are all about stretching your ability to memorize and analyze. The memory simulation system challenges are a really good example of this (and can get frustrating at points so do be warned about that one).

And while those DiMA challenges are some of the best that the game offers, there are plenty more that you will encounter as you progress through the rest of the game. Even the positioning of enemies has been designed to truly give players a worthy challenge. Be sure to take your time observing the area around you and figure out different ways of getting past obstacles because charging in with guns blazing is not really much of an option now. It actually pays off to plan how you will be bringing chaos to your enemies. Sure, bringing a fatman is still a good idea, but it now makes sense to actually think about where you will be using it first.

Tip 5: Nick Valentine is Your Best Buddy Now

Sure, Far Harbor's Longfellow is quite the character. He's tough and snarky, and there are interesting times to be had when he's around. But if you really want to get the full Far Harbor story experience, then you better bring Nick. Your bestest synth friend provides a lot of additional dialogue and events -often filling out some important bits of information that give better context to what would have been really weird moments. His interactions are fun, his dialogue is as sharp and witty as ever, and when you pursue the main story of the DLC, his presence really changes things.

The good thing about Nick is that by this time, it is likely that you would have already unlocked his bonus perks as well as have given him a good weapon to use in combat. Your familiarity with the NPC partner you have is important when it comes to getting past the dangers of this new place. Oh, and it also helps that he is a synth so you don't see him struggling with the crazy level of rads that many areas have. And speaking of rads...

Tip 6: Get Rad Resistant

There are a few perks that helps players deal with rads (aside from juicing up with anti-rad drugs and rad-x or radaway). And if you can spare the points to learn those, you will be very happy with that decision. Aside from the many puddles of irradiated water that you will be encountering in this DLC, rads are also everywhere else. Sure, bringing good gear is one thing, but the last thing you want is a random monster encounter going sideways because you suddenly found yourself dosing on radiation. Get the perks for resistance, health regeneration, and more. For those of you without power armor, you might consider bringing a hazmat suit.

Again, this is why Nick Valentine is such a valuable asset. As a synth, he never has to care or worry about the various issues that would have been problems for normal humans. Sure, he still needs to get to relative safety after each time to recuperate, but its still better than what you would have with other characters.

7. Forget the Past

The great thing about Far Harbor is that unlike the Sole Survivor questline, you are no longer restricted to the role you had in the first game -that of a time-displaced parent trying to find their child. It is such a very specific scenario to imagine, and one that made it hard for a lot of players to project themselves into the option (especially players too young to even consider having children).

Unlike that, Far Harbor's storyline is strictly all about the three way faction war (and in this instance, the Railway has a pretty good presence compared to the lesser function they served with the main game). Players can now fully inject their own fantasies and expectations on the game and have a real role playing experience instead of feeling like they have to follow a certain direction in terms of plot and the character's actions are somewhat limited by a branching yet isolated storyline. That said, if you have not finished the combat in the first area, then the faction war in Far Harbor will not be as fun to play.