Bearbarians 2

Ideas for improvements and tweaks that will make the sequel even more enjoyable

Bearbarians 2 Game

Sparkle Bright like a Diamond

It isn’t all that often that you’re living in a land of teddy bears only for it to be invaded by some horrible, nasty teddy bears with weapons that ruin the village or town that you are living in. On the rare occasion that this does happen, it does so in the original Bearbarians, which is likely one of the very best and most addictive action-packed platform games that I have ever had the privilege of playing. This game is a wonderful mix of arena-style platform action where you fight other bears and re-spawn instantly after you die, assuming the identity of any one of the four classes (medic, brute, mage, or scout); levelling up through gaining experiences allows you to unlock various stat-boosting weapons and items as well. Because this game is so utterly fantastic, it stands to reason that fans all over the world have at one time or another thought about the inevitable, which is that a sequel must at some point be on the cards. I for one cannot wait for the sequel to come out (if it ever does), and for this reason I am motivated to jot down a few ideas below for ways in which Bearbarians 2 can shine as brightly as Rihanna says diamonds do (I think they sparkle more than shine, to be honest).

Experience Issues

My first real issue with the original Bearbarians is that the experience system feels extremely slow, and by this, I mean that it simply takes way too long to level up. So long in fact, that you can actually end up completing the game before you even get to your maximum level. Now, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if there wasn’t a weapons system, but there is, and the weapons/items available for purchase depend entirely on your level. So, mix an experience points system that levels you up at a snail’s pace with a set of items and weapons that must be unlocked at various levels, some of which you are unlikely to ever get to, and you have yourself a bit of a problem. For this to be fixed, we are either going to need more experience points per kill in the next game, the levelling up threshold to be lowered, or even the weapons and items made available at lower levels.

Enemy Annoyances

This is a very minor annoyance for me, but sometimes it feels that you can become overwhelmed with enemies, particularly when on a small platform and four foes come crashing in. This often results in you having to actually having to divide your attention on two fronts, with certain death almost certainly being laid down upon you because of the enemies that gather behind you. This problem doesn’t really have a simple solution apart from maybe for me to be better at playing the game, but surely we can have it so that enemies aren’t as relentless all of the time, or perhaps some platforms be made bigger so that this quadruple teaming doesn’t happen so frequently?

Cash Conundrums

This isn’t so much of an attack of the cash itself but rather the arduous and monotonous process of waiting for the cash and other stats to tally up at the end of each round. This process simply takes too long and in contrast with the thrill-a-minute action is extremely boring and altogether a little unnecessary. It’s definitely time to get rid of this silly, time-consuming countdown at the end of each round.

Intelligence Inaccuracies

My final annoyance with the original Bearbarians is the unfortunate nature of your teammates. More specifically, I am referring to the relatively poor A.I that you teammates run on, which makes them almost useless in many situations. More often than not you will find that your team are simply jumping around and hacking away very slightly at the enemy when they should really be bringing the absolute pain and suffering that you want them to bring. It feels like you actually carry your teammates through each round, when in fact your team should to an extent be carrying you and providing you with some much-needed backup in times of hardships and constant death. It’s definitely time for a teammate A.I overhaul in Bearbarians 2, Jay Armstrong, and I for one will thank you for it.