Jacksmith 2

Ideas for a game whose original is deserving of a much-improved sequel

jacksmith 2 Game

Have you ever played the Papa’s series of restaurant-based time management games? If you have, then you will be familiar with the general premise of Jacksmith, the original and as of yet only game in this prospective series. Jacksmith involves forging various weapons for troops that are entering into battle, using hands-on forging techniques such as melting down various raw materials, hammering the weapons, assembling them, and being graded on your performance. This is very similar to the Papa’s restaurant games from Flipline Studio, though it has to be said is much more fun and has a little more variety than the time-consuming and relatively repetitive restaurant-based action of these restaurant games. Jacksmith is an interesting take on a very similar concept and thusly deserves a sequel to carry the torch of glory onwards into the future. Jacksmith 2 is a prospective title that has a lot of potential and deserves to made, so here are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing and the sequel saliva produced (gross, but I stand by the metaphor).


The first way that the fun of Jacksmith can be augmented into a sequel is the inclusion of some mini-games, much like the sideshow-style games in the Papa’s game series. Though there are epic weapons currently in Jacksmith, perhaps some side-games could include making even more unusual weapons, and perhaps some customisations/personalisation on request from the troops etc. Furthermore, there could be the opportunity to make your own design of weapon mould, effectively giving the player some control over the shape of the weapons, no matter how ridiculous they may be. Everyone loves a bit of customisation, and it is one thing that the original Jacksmith was missing. Jacksmith 2 has the opportunity to include some of these customisation features and potential for capitalise on the chance for some mini games as well.

Ready  for Battle

Perhaps in some shape or form we can actually get to bear witness to the experience of battle in Jacksmith 2. I’m not talking about full-on battle involvement since this is not the style of game that Flipline Studios were going for here, but perhaps we could have a mode where you must actually enter into battle, even if not to actually fight but to provide quick repairs for soldiers’ weapons during the heat of battle. Perhaps this mode could form part of the mini-games or could be incorporated into the main gameplay. Either way, being more actively involved in the battles could actually make the game much better than the original Jacksmith.

Raw Materials

Now, I’m not one to be overly picky about smaller scientific inaccuracies in games, particularly if we’re dealing with a game whose premise is that a talking donkey with hands like a human can make weapons for troops going into battle, but the raw materials bother me. Specifically, making weapons out of a soft metal such as gold doesn’t sit well with me, no matter how insane the concept of the actual game itself is. Perhaps we could get a few other raw materials whose properties are at least suited for weapon-making. Bronze, copper, and iron are perfect but are already in the game, so perhaps some other metal ores could be included, or perhaps even diamond as an extremely rare and premium material? I know the melting point of diamond is insanely high, but I’ve been worn down by the fact that we have crystal already in the original.

Epic Defect

A little fix is needed in Jacksmith 2 if it is going to improve on the original as well, and this is in reference to the nature of the epic weapon system in the game. Essentially, the game feels like it stacks the odds against you if you happen to miss out on the epic weapon once because it then feels like you cannot succeed since the game won’t reward you with the epic weapon, which in turn makes it less likely for you to succeed and so on. This is a small issue that should be looked at in the sequel.